Friday, August 24, 2012

Long days, short night

My #3, doesn't sleep well during the day, and if for any reason we miss a nap he wont sleep most of the day. But he sleeps great at night, it just seems the nights are always to short. trying to get house work dont right now if a nightmare.

We wake up at 6am and I start geting #1 ready for preschool. #1 and #2 need dressed and feed, and #3 needs changed and feed, usually I just leave him in his sleeper for the morning. And try to get a load of clothes in the machine before we leave (diapers get washed every other day). We get out the door by 7:45 to have #1 to class by 8. Then come back home and try to get #3 down for morning nap. He might sleep an hour if I'm lucky then he's ready to nurse again. If I'm lucky it's cleaning time, dish from the day before, folding laundry which has probably been sitting there for a week now. Kitchen, Living room, front bathroom... the list goes on. I guess I should be happy if I get one task done each day, but I'm so tired of my house looking a mess. Hubby helps out a lot, but I want his off time to be kid time not chore time. 11:30 is pickup time for preschool #1 eats lunch at school but I still have to get home make lunch for #2 and nurse #3. It's probably close to 12:30 already so not it's quite time for the older two. They can read or play quitely but most stay on thier beds, they usually pass out though in about 30min. I'm still usually trying to get #3 down for his second nap at  this piont. I tell you I'm so tired I need a nap too. if I can manage I do more chores. #1 usually only sleeps and hour he'll be up by 2, but i never let him sleep past 3, #2 will sleep 2-3 hours, I think i need to start waking him by 3 also to make sure bed time goes smoother. Oh and it's time to feed #3 again Hubby gets home at about 3:30 most days so from here I get the rest of the little things done that I hadn't finished yet, and then one of use starts dinner, I'll feed #3 again. Unfortunatly time isn't very good. We usually have dinner served by 6, the kids have 30mins and if they are good and eat well enough they get 30min of video games. 7 is bed time. We don't bath every day, just everyother or on really dirty days, but I don't start bedtime routines any earlier for bathtime. If we are lucky the kids are inbed and sleep by 8 but it's usually closer to 9 before they get to sleep. I usually start nursing #3 around 7 to get him to bed to, but even he take an hour or 2 to get to sleep. 9pm and its bed time for mommy and daddy, just wake up at 2am to nurse again, and wake up at 6 to start the next day.

I need more sleep, more time to clean, another set of hands to deal with the baby , and one to cook and do chores, maybe a third to care for the older 2 kids

Monday, June 25, 2012

2 weeks and 4 days. My newborn is getting so big so fast. #3 is growing much like #1 did in the beginning. He's already gained over 2 pounds at this rate I wont have time to sew up medium daipers before he needs them. He'll out grow the smalls here in just another few weeks. I guess this mama has a lot to do, starting today...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby's Name: Carter
Date of Birth: 6-7-12
Original Due Date: 6-3-12 (modified 5-30-12)
Baby's Weight: 7lb 13oz
Baby's Height: 21 inch
Birth Story: After about 3 painful weeks of off and on contractions, I woke early Wednesday (6-6) to painful contractions every 10-15min. I call my mom later in the morning to help me with the kids, and asked her to take me to the chiropractor becuase my back we getting rather sore from the contractions and felt out of wack. DH got home from work at about 4pm and call his buddy (our sitter for the older kids) to come help out for a little. The whole family came over, and we had dinner. At about 7:30 pm my contractions were still about every 10min but getting more painful. I decided to try to lay down, and our friends went home, we though it might still be a while. I got back up at 8 to start trying to time contractions and to sit in a bath for a little and after about 3 contractions stil 8-10min apart, my contractions suddenly jumped to 3-5mins. I sat in the bath for about a hour before DH asked if he needed to get his buddy back down here so we could go get checked. I finally agreed. It was about 10pm by time we left our house and a little after 10:30 when we got checked in to the HP. I was checked at about 11pm and already at 4cm. I was checked again at about midnight and was already up to 6cm. I had never labored this fast with my other two. About 10min later I was in tears begging for anything (i wanted a water birth). The nurses were preping to move me in to the water birth room, i didn't care if it was just a shower I just wanted something to ease the pain. Of Course for a water birth I had to have an enema (yuck) and then a shower before getting in the tub... I loved that shower I didn't want to move. I finally got in the tub and the next contractions was very different from the ones before, the pressure was just different... The next one, I felt the need to push. The nurse checked me again and I was 9 1/2cm, and needing to push (fyi i always have had to push the last 1/2 out myself) they went to call the dr... It took a few more contractions for me to get my bareings together (and for the dr to showup, but once i finally start pushing it took 3 strong pushes and my 3rd (and final) baby was born. It was the easiest, fastest and most shocking delievery I have ever had, But still painful as hell. In many ways I did enjoy the water over the epi's I've had in the past, but the transistion was so fast that the pian this time was much less expected and much more difficult to control. But here my BOYPhoto: It's a BOY! Carter Joseph Keith born 6-7-12 at 2:04am weight 7lb 13oz and 21 inches

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So this is my first OS (one size) AIO (all in one) daiper, next step is to try it on my 2yr old... Also I am preparing this morning to make a second OS diaper, but using my personal pattern, as ^ this pattern is from a friend.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I was very excited, I got 11 small wazoodle precut kit fitted daipers sewn the other day, and I will be geting about 20 or so custom AIO's at my babyshower this week end. I still need to make a few more diaper covers for the fitteds, but I have 2 for now. I need to be cleaning my house but being so close to my duedate a nap sounds much more relaxing. I had my 37 week check today, by the dr im 37w tomarrow, but by my original duedate I wont acctually be 37 untill this sunday. Either way. Heart rate was 132, fundal hieght was 37cm, and I'll continue to see my OB once a week untill the birth. Last week we finished out Bradley Birth class. I'm very excited, as I had complications with the epiduralin my other pregnancies and don't want to go through that again. I guess it's just easier to give into the meds when you know they are there for you... Also we'll be taking our hospitals water birth class soon, in hopes that we may have the chance to at least use the tub for laboring in this time around.

Friday, April 27, 2012

I think we got to bed around 10pm last night, I tossed and turned for what felt like hours try to find a comfortable postion with my growing baby belly. 2am my oldest son comes in my room, "mommy it's sweaty in my bed." Poor boy is like his father, one to many blankets and your soaked, unfortunally he's also like me and LOVES the feel and weight of having a blanket pulled up and tucked in tight. Again I toss and turn trying to get comfortable, untill 3:30 and dear hubbies alarm clock starts ringing... I continue my best for about the next 20 minutes to TRY and get back to some kind of likely piontless sleep, till I get a craving for a tall glass of chocolate milk... Well I guess I'm up now.

Yesterday I got the chance to go to the fabric store and pick up my much needed elastic and velcro for my daipers. I also got 2 GroVia diapers that I ordered in the mail. I'm excited to try them out on my 2yr old. I hope he likes them. I also have a pattern now for a one size fits most daiper, that I'm hoping to try out soon, but I have some more modifications to my own pattern I want to make first. I am waiting for some soaker material for my daipers to come in the mail too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is it nap time yet?

A little less then 6 weeks till our due date, but June 3rd still feels like a long way off. This baby diffinatly makes me more tired then my boys did.

My pregnancies by comparison:
#1) abdomenal cramping though out the pregnancy, losts of muscle cramps (charlie horse cramps) and round ligimate pains. Hubby had severe morning sickness
#2) abdomenal cramping though out the pregnancy, losts of muscle cramps (charlie horse cramps) and round ligimate pains. Severe heartburn, a tendancy for very mean and evil thoughs, and an extreme irritation with my huband, poor guy spent most of the pregnancy on the couch. Hubby again had severe morning sickness
#3) CURRENT) Nausea starting at 3 1/2 weeks still on a off now at 34 weeks, hubby did NOT have morning sickness. Extreme emotional highs and lows, very tired to the piont sometimes I feel like I could pass out at any moment. Upper back spasmus almost constantly. Mild but present heartburn. And a touch of you name it I've had it this time...

It's kind of funny how similar the first 2 were and yet how different this one is. I can't wait to meet my June Bug.

Both our sons say it's a sister, and one of our friends with a 4yr girl the daughter also says it's a girl. Part of me hopes it is a sister, but part of me hopes its not. If we have a 3rd boy eventually I can have all 3 share one bedroom and make the second room strictly a play room, but if we have a girl, she will obviously always get her own room, and I'll have to figure a plan to create more space for a play area for my boys... I can't put a bunk bed in thier room without removing the ceiling fan, and I really LOVE having ceiling fans in each of the rooms.

Anyways, hopefully I can place an order for some more diaper supplies this week, and get them soon. I need to get my diaper stash finished before this little one gets here. Tomarrow I'll make a run to Joanns fabric store to get velco and elastic so I can get some of my half finished work completed...