Sunday, August 10, 2014

A rough weekend

Friday seemed a fairly decent day. Normal summer routines then took to oldest with my girlfriend and her son to the wizards of oz sing alone show. We got home at almost 9:30 and my mini me's were still not asleep. Saturday started out rough and got worse.  Daddy had to work and bad additude were everywhere. Fighting, arguing, and whining abound, and it only got worse that evening. Fortunately the littlest did not take a nap that day and all were soundly asleep by 8. Today started a bit early as we were going to help clean up at the soccer park.  Daddies asthma kicked in and I had to call grandma for reinforcement. We picked up trash for about an hour then went to the playground for some fun as promised.  Of course the fighting now resumed, and I notice on top of everything else my lady days had decided that today was going to be an extra super heavy day... oh the joy.  The kids seem mellow for now and daddy is feeling a bit better. Tomorrow is a new day, I'm just hoping a dditudes can hold out till then.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Clean up and start over

Hi, I'm Sharon. Wife to an amazing thoughtful and generous husband. Mother to 3 very active young boys. Im also a duaghter a sister and a friend. I have the wonderful pleasure of being a stay at home mom, and even so my house so rarely clean. We have losts of activities and always seem on the go. One day I'll get the hang of it all but for right now each day is a juggling act.

My oldest son is six and starting first grade this year. He enjoys dance, piano, soccer and running club, and has been practicing his swimming. He has lost 2 teeth already and is impatiently waiting for the next to become lose.

My middle son is four, and is a wonderful though sometimes difficult preschooler. Right now it loves the idea of doing activities though I'm not sure he had found his own passion.  We often struggle with melt downs and out bursts from him add we too are trying to help discover his world.

Then the youngest, my third and final and yes another boy. He is 2 and very lovee. He would like nothing more then to cuddle  up and just hang out. In the swimming pool we have to be careful as he has the strength to swim away from us but not enough to keep his own head above water. Though at the moment he doesn't care and would jump in with or without you if we would let him.

I did try to start this blog a year ago or so. But life got busy. I still dont have a plan yet do for now it will just be about life. My wonderful family and all the triumphs and catastrophes that go with it. And yes I may or may not have watched Gasper and Lisa one to many times