Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting out of debt. Month 2

Our once monthly pay has come in and once again I deducted all bills from the check book to make sure the funds would be available to cover them.  I am debating on discussing with the husband about opening a second checking account so we have one account for bills and 1 for other spending.  In the past I have avoided this idea, for no reason more then I simple didn't want multiple accounts. But I am trying to find the best options for our family.  The idea sounds nice at least in theory, to deposit a set amount into a bills account with all (or most bills) being automatically deducted each month.  I would only have to insure the proper amount is deposited on time and if nessecary manually pay the few that aren't on auto pay. Still a thought though.
    After paying the bills our biweekly pay came in also. About $400 below normal. I had planned on it being about $200 short but due to fires in the area my husband's asthma was acting up and he had to take 2 days off to recover. I really wish they would give him a new position at work so his body wasn't  always so stressed and he would hopefully be able to recover quicker.
    So just to point out I got nothing put into saving last month, but my bill payments are still on track. We are planning on going camping one more time this summer before school, and I need to buy pants and sweaters for our oldest son before winter. Right now I'm just glad we haven't had any major set backs in our payment plan. Right now the extra $100 a month is still reasonable and manageable.
    Camping and school really.  Set us back this month.  I knew we would be cutting it close with the lose of pay earlier on but the bank account went negative this month. Turned out it wasn't my fault either. So a possible down fall to bill pay systems, and automatic draft pay systems is technical error. I have most of my bills currently set up to pay either automatically though our banks bill pay system, or automatically through the company that we own through their draft pay system. One of my bills with normally comes out on our around the 7th of each month, was withdrawn on the 6th and then again on the 18th. Somewhere in the system it changed my payment from pay 1 day before due to pay at earliest possible date. In other words as soon as the bill for the next cycle showed up in my bill pay system, the system paided it. Causing me too be $50 short and over drafted becuase I had not planned for that deduction. So the last 2 weeks things were unusually tight for us but we made it.  Still with nothing extra in savings but most payments are still in line.
    Camping was fun.  Almost had an emergency though that we are not prepared for yet.  Thursday evening while unloading groceries to stock the fridge and pack for camping, my eldest son said one of the tires was hissing. I tried to hear what he heard but only heard the wind in the trees behind me and thought nothing of it. Later that evening I went to the gas station for a quick snack and my tire light was on, but it was indicating the wrong tire. After about 20 minutes of trying to figure out why it was saying one was low yet finding nothing wrong (and I knew I might had driven over something earlier that day) I took a step back in fusteration and realized the other tire on the same side was obviously low. So here I am my tires are getting very close to needing replacement and I would have to take the car in the next morning to fix a flat. There would have been no way I could paid for 4 new tires of they refused to fix it, with out a payment plan or another credit card. Fortunately, crisis averted they fixed my tire and only reminded me I would need to be prepared to replace them soon. The husband's bonus check should come in on the 1st, so pay off that will definitely be saved for tires.

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