Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our goal after getting out of debt

Understand, our house will still be a debt once all other debt is paid off. But a debt that we could hopefully sell.

    Our main goal is land. We want to sell our house and buy something on 20 or so acres and have a small ranch, or homestead of sorts. We aren't looking huge, just something the kids can get lost on and find thier way back.  A dozen or so large animals and a garden from which I can actually harvest enough to can and preserve yearly.

    Now some where in here is possibly going to be our 10 year anniversary, for which I have asked for 1) my ranch 2) a family Hawaii vacation, or 3) a family cruise. Of course at least 2 of those could be combined into 1. ;-) Also there is this grand and all most looming idea of replacing my car, does it need replaced? No. He just wants too. Well, that and it has a lot of basic features we would like that aren't included. Examples a tow hitch, he hates towing but many times this would have come in handy. A roof rack, again not needed and we could always afford both for far less then a new car, but convenience comes again. Also its a SUV, it had 8 seats 2 bench rows and 2 front seats. There is a 7 seat option in which it is set more like a mini van with 1 bench row, 2 middle seats and 2 forward seats.  With 3 kids, and the way the middle seat was designed :-/ a 7 seater would be much more convenient. Did I mention he wants to order it.... somethings are certainly more a want then a need, and perhaps this want might need to wait just a while longer. I'll be happy paying off some debt and finally affording or dream home.

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